Do Test Me

Why is it that you give a good interview but never get the appointment letter? Are you tired of hearing "We shall let you know..."? You wished you knew why the dream job you aspire for is beyond your reach? You've been giving standardized aptitude tests all this time and you've wondered how that is going to help you get a job? Here's the deal! We have customized aptitude tests to prepare you well for your interviews. The scores of these employability tests will reach the probable employers and will land you up in the place you're meant to be.

In a world that offers many job options, it is easy to get bewildered. If you are not in the right job, you could be - wasting your precious years. Or perhaps you are just hoping to stumble on your dream job/ career. In short, making the right career move in the initial stages can be a daunting process.
Pehla job offers a wonderful method to solve the dilemmas for you - DOTESTME

DOTESTME aims to solve all these queries and more...

What is Do test me?

DOTESTME is a unique analysis to determine a student's or a job seeker's Skills and Aptitude to secure a suitable job with a rewarding remuneration.
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Why do test me?

Directed at fresh graduates and first time jobseekers, DoTestMe conversely helps the HR team to understand the job seekers' employability.
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How to apply to do test me?

Its very simple. Just follow the 5 step and start getting Interview calls from your dream companies.
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Do Test Me has a customised syllabus specific to your area of interest. Choose from the wide range of available subjects and study for the listed topics.
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Dotestme is a multi-dimensional test with compulsory module (which consists of English, logic, data interpretation, quantitative ability) which is required
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Companies accepting ME score

We tie up with top MNC's and submit your ME score to them. If your score is good enough, these companies may contact you directly..
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