Frequently Asked Questions

Dotestme is a multi-dimensional test with compulsory module (which consists of English, logic, data interpretation, quantitative ability) which is required for the jobs in different sectors. The skill specific modules vary from computer engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, Marketing, Banking & Finance, Human resource etc. The candidate can choose skill module based on his/her interest and education.

What is the syllabus for dotestme?

The dotestme syllabus can be assessed by logging in to

Is there a negative marking in dotestme?

There is no negative marking in the test.

When can we take the test?

There are no particular dates. You can take the test anywhere, any time.

When will we get the result/report of the test?

Your report is generated as soon as you finish the test. You can download your report. And you have to upload your report on

What is the duration of the test?

Each module of the test is for 20 minutes. So depending upon the number of modules you choose to select, the timer will cumulatively add up. ( note: Quants, verbal and logical reasoning are compulsory modules.)

Any eligibility criteria for applying for dotestme?

No eligibility criteria for taking dotestme. Any candidate who is looking out for a job can take dotestme.

Dotestme Modules:

Dotestme tests you in multiple modules, such that it can identifies your strengths and highlight them. It tests English, aptitude, personality and domain skills. Domain skills are according to your area of study and/or requirement of job. We not only tell you your strengths and weaknesses in different modules, but also highlight your strengths to companies to give you relevant interview calls.

Dotestme Employability Report:

Dotestme gives a detailed feedback report. The feedback report is in the form of grades as well as percentage. For every different module you choose different grades are allotted. Even for the compulsory modules like English, Quantitative ability etc different grades are given. Because of this you can work on your weakness and improve yourself.

Dotestme fee:

Like any other test, Dotestme also has nominal registration charges

  • There is no limit to the number of interview calls which you get.
  • There is no additional fees for interview calls or offers.

Dotestme benefit:

  • Get grades, detailed feedback to know your areas of improvement and also role of fitment.
  • Based on the "ME" score, your strength will be highlighted to different companies.