Do Test Me offers various subjects from varied domains. May it be Engineering, Medical, Accounting, Banking & Finance, Human resource etc. we cover all these domains and provide you the flexibility to choose the subjects. Below you can find the topics to be studied for each of the subjects that you may want to take test.

Basic Mathematics:Divisibility, HCF and LCM, Numbers, Decimal fractions and Power.

Applied Mathematics:Profit and loss, Simple and Compound Interest, Time, Speed and Distance.

Engineering Mathematics:Logarithms, Permutation and Combination, Probability.

Vocabulary:Synonyms, Antonyms.

Grammer:Subjective-verb Agreement, Tenses and Articles, Preposition and Conjunctions, Speech and Voices.

Comprehension:Inferential and Literal Comprehension, Contextual Vocabulary, Comprehension ordering.

Deductive Reasoning:Coding deductive logic, Directional sense, Blood relation, Objective Reasoning, Selection decision tables, Puzzles.

Inductive Reasoning:Coding pattern and Number series pattern recognition, Analog and Classification pattern recognition.

Abductive Reasoning:Logical word sequence, Data sufficiency.

Formatting cells, Insertion & Deletion, Page setup, Dropdown, Managing Worksheet, Pivot Table, Analyzing & Organizing data, Basic Formulae, Macros, Sheet Protection

Atomic structure, Chemical bonding, Gaseous state, Chemical thermodynamics, Chemical and ionic equilibrium, Solution and colligative properties, electrochemistry, Chemical kinetics, Periodic tables and periodic properties, s,p and d-block elements, coordination compounds, organic compounds, Types of organic reactions.

Kinematics and Dynamic, Rotational and Fluid Mechanics, Oscillations and Waves, Electrostatics, Magnetostatics and Electrodynamics, Optics, Thermal physics, Nuclear and Particle physics.

Brain and Skeleton, Muscular system and alimentary canal, Respiratory and cardiac system, Brain and Pituitory, Thyroid, Parathyroid glands, Neuro-trasmission, Respiration, Lymphatic system and complete blood system, Endocrine glands and Gastrointestinal tract, Adrenals, Pancreas, testes and ovary, Urinary system, Reproductive system.

Marketing principle, Global marketing environment, Understanding customer behaviour, Marketing research, Marketing strategy, Market segmentation and positioning, Product, Services, Branding Decisions, Price desicions, An overview of marketing conditions, Managing marketing communications, Retailing and Channel management, Service marketing and CRM.

Drug action on Nervous system and Endocrine glands, Drug delivery, Release and action, Drug manufacture, Basic pharmacology and Therapeutics, Drug action on Circulatory system and GI tract, Chromatography and Electrochemistry, Titration, Ohter Analytical Techniques.

Taxation, Introduction to Auditing, Concepts of Auditing, Audit evidence, Audit preparation, Capital and Revenue expenditure.

Chemical engineering basics, Heat transfer, Mass transfer, Fertiliser Technology, Stoichiometry, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Fuels and Combustion, Process Equipment and Plant Design, Nuclear Power Engineering, Refractory Technology, Polymer Technology, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanical Operations, Petroleum Refinery Engineering, Chemical Process, Process Control & Instrumentation, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Materials & Construction, Chemical Engineering Plant 
Economics, Furnace Technology, Environmental Technology

Engineering Mechanics, Hydraulics & Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Steam Nozzles & Turbines, IC Engines & Nuclear Power Plant, Compressors Gas Dynamics & Gas Turbines, Heat Transfer, Refrigeration & Air conditioning, Production Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Production Management, Strength of Materials, Hydraulic Machines, Steam Boilers & Engines, Machine design, Engineering Materials, Theory of Machines, Workshop Technology, Automobile Engineering.  

Quantities and Units, Ohm's Law, Series Circuits, Series-Parallel Circuits, Branch, Loop and Node Analyses, Alternating Current and Voltage, Inductors, RC Circuits, RLC Circuits and Resonance, Circuit Theorems in AC Analysis, Three-Phase Systems in Power Applications, Voltage, Current and Resistance, Energy and PowerParallel Circuits, Circuit Theorems and Conversions, Magnetism and Electromagnetism, Capacitors, Transformers, RL Circuits, Passive Filters, Time Response of Reactive Circuits. 

Automation and Control Engineering, Computer aided manufacturing, Metal casting, Forming and Joining, Tool engineering, Metrology and Inspection, Manufacturing Analysis, Polymers and Composites, Computer integrated manufacturing.

 Production planning and inventory control, Operation research, Quality management, Product design and development, Management information system, Reliability and maintenance, Engineering economy and costing.

 Capacity and Facility planning, Process selection and Project planning, Product design and development, Logistics and warehousing, Inventory management, Resources planning.

Financial Accounting, Business statistics, Principal of Management, Business communication, Economic Theory, Money and Financial system, Cost Accounting and Auditing, Income Tax, Business Regulatory Framework, Company Law, Corporate Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Advanced Auditing, Fundamentals of Financial Management, Financial Market Operations, Principles of Marketing, Sales Promotion & Advertising, Marketing practices in India, Indirect Taxes, Indian Banking System, Public Finance, Fundamentals of Insurance, Insurance management, Legislative Insurance Framework, International Business Environment, Indian Foreign Trade Policy, Export-Import procedures and Documentation.  

Computer Fundamentals, Computer Hardware, OS Concepts, DOS, UNIX, LINUS, Networking, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Database system, Management info system, System analysis & Design, Automation system, Digital Computer Electronics, Electronics principles, Language processor, Object oriented program C++.

Classes of Companies, Incorporation of Companies, Memorandum & Article of Association, Promoters, Prospectus, Allotment of Shares, Underwriting, Deposits, Membership, Share Capital, Share Certificate & Warrant, Surrender of Shares/Calls & Forfieture, Transfer and Transmission of Shares, Debentures, Chareges, General Meeting, Payment of  Bonus Act.  

Measures of dispersion, Statistical survey and presentation of data, Design of experiments,  sampling, sampling error, sampling bias, Measures of central tendency, z-test/t-test, p-values, Basics of probability, Formulating null and alternate hypothesis, Confidence intervals, Multivariate analysis, Correlation, Probability density function, Cumulative distribution function, Standard distributions, Type I and Type II errors.

Basic concepts-Understanding Information, Basic concept-An Introduction to Business, Hardware, Software, Network Telecommunication and Internet, Enterprise and Funtional BIS, An Introduction to acquiring and developing BIS, Initiating system development, BIS project management, System Analysis, System Design, System build, Implementation & Maintenace, Information System Strategy, Information system management, Managing Information security, End user-Computing providing-End user Services, Ethical legal and Moral Constraints.   

Object oriented programming, Data Types, Iteration, Recursion, Decision, Procedure, functions and scope, Arrays, Linked Lists, Trees, Graphs,Stacks, Queues, Hash Tables, Heaps, Polymorphism, Abstraction, Encapsulation.