What is DoTestMe

What is DoTestMe:

DOTESTME is a unique analysis to determine a student's or a job seeker's Skills and Aptitude to secure a suitable job with a rewarding remuneration. Give a Test related to your Specialization and let the employers know your proficiency in the Domain of your knowledge and get a career changing job. DOTESTME is an employability assessment test which focuses on entry level jobs for freshers. It is a fresher's job test which helps fresh graduates to signal their employability and find suitable jobs. It is an on-line test which an applicant can take as per his/her convenience. The test is very specific to his/her Domain or specialization. It is automated, dynamic and real time. On completion of the test, the candidate receives a detailed Score Card, the scores of which are accepted by many companies across India.


DOTESTME Evaluation Program:

DOTESTME is an evaluation program which serves as a measure to establish a job seeker's proficiency for a particular job.
This test is stream specific. An applicant takes the test in area of his specialization or job requirement.

An applicant is welcome to take test in any other stream as well, if he believes to possess key strength in area not exclusive to his domain.
An applicant can be multifaceted and have abilities that would suit another sphere as well. However, if the applicant feels that he may have attributes in another sphere as well, he would be facilitated to test himself for those skills too. In that event arrangements would be made for him to take two tests to determine his core competency.


What do you get on taking Dotestme?

  • If you have submitted your resume and are WAITING for the right job opportunity, dotestme can end your WAIT now.
  • The scores of these employability tests will reach the probable employers and will land you up in the place you're meant to be.


Why just submitting RESUME will keep you WAITING?

  • The reason is simple. There are more than 40 lac students which graduate every year. You are one of these 40 lac students. Most of these students submit their resumes to companies and job portals. Every company in the country gets 1000s of resumes every week. They cannot filter through these resumes.Your resume is not even read!


WHY dotestme gets you INTERVIEW CALLS?

The aim of DOTESTME is simple: Now, you don't just submit your resume on a job portal and wait forever. Rather, you take the DOTESTME test from anyplace where you are comfortable. Based on your "ME" score, your resume is sent to the most relevant companies which are hiring! These companies trust DOTESTME to help them reach matching candidates. We help these companies quickly schedule interviews with you!


It Focuses On:

'DOTESTME' establishes your core-competency to use as leverage and get relevant interviews with the companies.

In a corporate environment where competition is high and dream jobs are scarce, the need to emphasize the caliber of a candidate is important.

'DOTESTME' enables to put an applicant's best attributes forward for consideration to a Would Be Recruiter. This test provides your prospects with a valuable edge over other applicants.

A thorough and complete report of the test is given to applicants. Regular updates and new job openings are posted. All applicants are regularly followed up by the Pehla job team.
So, taking this test in the initial stages itself would be a wise and an important career move.