Why DoTestMe

Why DoTestMe:

Directed at fresh graduates and first time jobseekers, DoTestMe conversely helps the HR team to understand the job seekers' employability.

DOTESTME is a scientifically designed test to gauge the suitability of a candidate for a particular job. It is developed by Pehlajob expert team along with industry leaders with vast HR experience.

'DOTESTME' establishes your strengths, spotlighting it to the recruiting companies. This appraisal assesses job seeker's domain skills and level of competence for a particular job. Domain skills or your area of specialization is where your ability lies. It could also mean job requirement. This specification augments job seeker's chances of being hired in his/her preferred company.


Key Features:

This test is completely customized and domain specific. It is an on-line test which a student can take as per his/her convenience.

A detailed feedback is shared with the student to guide him on his employability. This also helps you measure your competitive edge as compared to other graduates in pursuit for a dream job.

Pehla job team draws attention of the employers to those profiles which match their job criteria. Here Pehla job stresses upon the graduates distinctive feature and urging them to give him an interview.


Should I take DOTESTME evaluation programme:

It is scientifically designed to test the applicant on skill sets – language, analytical and logical reasoning, data interpretation, mathematics and the area of specialisation.

Pehla job engages professionals who have expertise and experience in HR Processes and Solutions to evaluate the candidate/applicant.

In dynamic business climes where biodatas' are soon becoming secondary, a candidate stands a good chance of getting calls for an interview from his dream companies based on ME scores.